About Bobby

Think of one person who, because of how they approached life and faith, has positively and unquestionably influenced how you approach yours. Who is the person? Chances are that person is an ordinary, everyday person like a coach, a teacher, or a neighbor. That's good news because that means we can all be that person.


For Bobby Lingo, one of those people was his middle school bus driver, Polly McDuffy. Mrs. Polly (as Bobby called her) used to tape Bible verses above the bus seats, and had the students memorize them before they could sit in that seat. In the 9th grade, Mrs. Polly asked Bobby a pointed question, which forever has changed his life. First, she asked, "Do you talk to God?" Then she asked, "Does God ever talk to you?" That single question, as well as how she lived her life (not simply well-behaved, but alive, wholehearted, honest, and excited to follow Jesus), was enough to leave an impression, which has remained throughout Bobby's adult life and has influenced his life mission. 


Shortly after high school, Bobby became a speaker and an independent recording artist where he encouraged and challenged people around the country, while at the same time, served his local church as a student pastor and teaching pastor. For over a decade Bobby used his gift of communicating to impact and challenge others.


In 2006 he and his family moved to Colorado to be discipled by his mentor. While there he started working for Compassion International where he took his first trip to Nicaragua. Bobby's life would be changed forever. He saw people living in a world in which he didn't want to believe existed. A world where families live on less than a dollar a day; where children walk for miles to get clean water; where children leave school (continuing a cycle) to help provide for their families. For nearly a decade, Bobby worked with Compassion International where he served as their Millennial Marketing Manager. He built programs, which encouraged everyday people to use their voice and speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. During his time in Colorado, Bobby also served in local churches as lead pastor, teaching and discipleship pastor, and missions pastor. He also was an integral part in helping two churches merge to become one. And in his opinion, it remains one the best churches ever: TheRoad@ChapelHills in Colorado Springs, CO.


Anyone who knows Bobby, knows he is an "imginator." He often sees things as they could be instead of how they are. For instance, he doesn't see the mission field as a place to which a few people are called. He doesn't actually see it as a place at all. He sees it as a lifestyle of loving our neighbor (whomever that may be) by using our God-given time, treasure, and talent (whatever that may be). He believes we are ALL called to be missionaries by living a lifestyle "on mission."


If speaking is his first love (as far as calling goes), perhaps his second love is being an imagintor. "I love sitting with leaders and coming up with ideas and strategies that make us more effective in The Great Commission and The Great Commandment."  So as a communicator, he's always imagining how to challenge ordinary people to achieve the extraordinary by thinking and acting a little bit differently. 


Today Bobby lives with his wife and three children in Nashville, Tennessee, and is currently speaking on tour with 7eventh Time Down and Rhett Walker, as well as being an advocate for the hurting, poor, and vulnerable.

As a speaker and/or advocate for children, Bobby has toured with artists such as MercyMe, Jeremy Camp, Crowder, 7eventh Time Down, and Micah Tyler just to name a few. In conjunction with speaking and advocating, Bobby creates discipleship content and materials for artists and their teams to to help them be discipled and stay connected to their faith while on tour. 

Bobby speaks about discipleship, relationships, and living a lifestyle of mission and purpose. He represents organizations who speak up for the hurting, poor, and vulnerable. 


Bobby is the president and founder of Bus7 Ministries. A ministry committed to helping ordinary people become extraordinary disciples. 



I would love to be a part of your next event.